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Personal Touch

You'll receive hands-on care every visit.

Manual therapy is prescribed to specifically address the root cause of your pain.

Expert Care

Gary DeSmith, PT has over 30 years experience helping people in pain just like you.

He has specialty training in spine care, knee and shoulder injuries, and foot/ankle treatment.

One-on-one Attention

Gary's focus is on you and your orthopedic condition.

Daily progression of your treatment in our quiet, intimate setting is essential. You won’t be treated like a number or run through the mill at our clinic.
Service rating by patients as EXCELLENT or higher


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Patient Safety

Your post-op protocols and prescription orders are followed to assure your patient’s positive experience. Exercise form is closely scrutinized.

Positive Outcomes

We track and report objective, body part-specific, functional outcomes as well as subjective service satisfaction.

Timely Reporting

Quick-read evaluation reports will update you on patient status prior to physician recheck appointments.
Functional Ability Outcome Reported at Discharge (average)